It’s Your Fault

I have never used this a place to rant, well not that you’re supposed to know anyway. Okay, let me rephrase that; nah, I’m good with that. This began as something different and it ended like this. Still I felt that I should present it here just the same, I hope that you will forgive me if you don’t agree.

They say we are the cause
They tell us that we are the reason
They yell at us and ask why we interfere
They yell at us and ask why we don’t interfere
Damned if we do
Damned if we don’t
Blamed for the cause
Blamed for the reasons
Blamed for the outcome
Blamed for none
Those that would tear us apart
Blame those that would keep us together
Telling any that will listen
That they are the evil ones
Not those that would kill us
But those that would keep us
Build it up for years
Make it the best it can be
Make all want to come and be part of it
Those that are supposed to save us
Are those that keep us falling
Always falling down never up
They would destroy what was built
For what reason for what cause
To say that one system doesn’t work
That system that made us what we are
They seek to end it and us in the process
Fight it as you can
Spend your time
Be what we are meant to be
That shining beacon to the rest
Do what needs to be done
We were given the way

15 October, 2014


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