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Hero’s Rows

I had a lot of starts for this Memorial Day piece but truthfully none of them seemed to work well enough. Instead I have decided that it would be best to let the prose say what I wanted to say from the start.

They stand straight waiting row after row
Tall and proud they are each and every one
It matters not where they are in their row
Just that they are in a row
Line by line row after row they go by
There are too many to see from just one place
Walk around and among them if you can
They will not mind still they will stand
Never do they waiver row by row
Speak to them but they will not answer
Always silent never-changing
Come and see them when you can
Every holiday they will dress for you
All clean and neat with a new flag
Never will you find an argument among them
Never there in the field of grass and stone
Green grass fills the spaces between
Green grass spotted with white if you will
The low rolling hills filled all around
They stand ready each one a hero
Go and see them when you can
Remind them that we still care
That this country is still the same
The home of the free because of them
The price of freedom is never free
How many flags have been folded over
In the gardens of stone
How many have changed hands
On the white spotted green grass
I could tell if that were why I was here
At least I could make a good guess
Their names written in the cold white stone
Heroes they are each and every one
For they are the dead but you have gathered that
They are but some of the ones that gave their lives
Come and see them if you can wherever they lay
Yet to some they are not the hero
To them they are something worse
Call them what you will if you must that is your right
More than some will disagree with you
Because of them you still have that right
It matters little to them anymore their duty is done
They did as they were asked and never any less
Many within the rows stand out even among them
Come for a visit and see for yourself
Worry not if you do not know them
They never asked us to know each and every name
Just that we remember them for what they did …

So to you my friends and family and family of friends I offer up this day in Memorial. One set aside that we may remember those that paid in full a debt they did not owe that we may live in country founded on freedoms. Remember them where ever they may lay and no matter what you do this day. Be sure to take a moment to watch them as they pass and walk among them when there are too many to see from one place. Remember too to fill your glass and offer up a toast to those that are in the heroes rows on the fields of grass and stone.
Amen …

Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day

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