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Christmas is Coming

T’was the night before Christmas and all around
Came the noise of people running around,
Here and there they run and run never a time for the eggnog and rum,
Slow down I say and gather friends and family around,
Raise your cup of nog and toast the ones you love,
Do not forget the songs to be sung,
For Santa has yet to come…..

‘Tis nearing midnight now in parts of America,
Sleigh bells ringing are you listening,
If you listen close you can hear him,
He’s crossing the ocean and getting closer,
Children struggling to stay awake to see him,
Hurry mom, hurry pop make sure that Santa will stop,
Put out the milk and don’t forget the cookies,
Tuck the children in with great care,
Sleep now little ones drift off to dreamland…

Crossing the coast with the lights of America’s homes in site,
Who will he find first you or me?
It matters not I am sure just hurry up and be done!
Down the chimney he will come with gifts for each and every one,
Time to move on again now dash away and on to the next,
The milk half drank and the cookies all gone,
A sure sign that Santa Claus has been to town,
So have yourself a Merry little Christmas…..

Oh come all ye faithful for now the day is here,
Born unto us a man child,
We celebrate it throughout the land,
We give each other the gifts in his honor,
That we may all remember the day of his birth and why he was born,
Open your gifts and eat of your feast,
Bow your head and give your prayer,
Now just remember to be good…
Only 365 days before Christmas comes once again!

25 December, 2010

This Poem started out as a series of facebook status updates in 2010.


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