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If you Don’t have it, You won’t get it

After spending all winter hoping for a rewind that I didn’t get, I can only say that it never comes but in some ways you get something different. In my case it was… well, I guess you could call it a lesson. I just wish it was one that I did not learn when I did and I am sure others would agree. And now with Easter here our hearts and minds are full of what lessons we learned as the world is full of rebirth and renewal. I spent the last few nights thinking of all the things that have happened since last year about this time the lives that have been affected by everyday things. Old friends brought back in touch, old crushes revealed, disasters taking hold. All the things that make us who we are and remind us that we are after all just human and that there are other factors I life that have and will always take up part of what we go through. I know; why am I bringing this all up now here at Easter? Can you think of a better time to think of these things? Easter brings in the spring season as I have pointed out all ready, and a rebirth of nature if you will. After all Easter is all about the resurrection and new life.
Every Easter I am reminded of all the times that I was pushed into a suit as a child taken in hand and marched off to the church with my mother brother and grandmother. It was about the only time I would ever wear that suit and I wonder now what happened to most of them. One or two I know for sure ended with holes in the knees and eventually in the rag pile. Yes there it is again a renewal. From the earth and eventually back to the earth in some way. Taking stock in these things, all things we sometimes take for granted every day. I guess it sometimes takes the hardest of all things to happen for us to take a new look at everything new in the world. Then again maybe it just helps us to appreciate those things and people that we do have.
Just what is this holiday about just another chance for families to sit and have a big meal? Maybe it’s just another party to some or a chance to have time off from school or to get paid extra working. Faith, without faith of or in something what do we have? Faith in each other and that one will do or at the very least try to do the right thing. Faith that a people or as a people we can have a society where one can thrive and become as they wish, what they wish, even who as they wish. Faith on this day is all about the religion of and faith in one man that once lived and died. Many have debated his life and his death and as to his existence. What is the position behind it really? Would it make us have any less faith in God? Does anyone think that proving he didn’t or did exist would have any or much effect on our true faith? I think not, there are so many things in this life that shake us and our faith and yet we still turn to it day after day. Faith isn’t just religion it never was and never will be. Faith is everywhere faith in people faith that you can get to the gas station before you run out of gas. Sometimes it comes out good, sometimes it doesn’t but yet we still end up with a little faith in something. How many times have you heard someone say ‘have a little faith’ in something or someone? What kind of a man stares at his death and tells those that have followed him that he is dying for all mankind? If that man did not have faith in himself, his fellow man and his religion would he have withstood the torture and humiliation? Faith will see you through life, faith in something, anything, religion, people, fixtures, any thing that keeps you smiling throughout your day.
As the Easter bunny makes his rounds giving out baskets of candy and hiding multicolored eggs for all the little girls and boys to find, no matter their age, we have a little faith that he will indeed come. You know the one we are talking about Peter Cottontail, the man behind Easter, well the rabbit any way. It would seem that those crafty Germans are the ones behind giving us the bunny as the symbol for rebirth and resurrection that is Easter. Oh yeah, sure the Bunny has stood as a symbol of fertility long before there was a day called Easter. Perhaps in a way it wasn’t such a long way to go at that. I know that you are thinking I have lost you, maybe I have at that, just keep following along and maybe I can find you again or maybe you can find me. As has happened throughout history and will happen again when the present is the past and the future is today, we have taken in something that was not part of the picture and made it part of it. The Bunny being the sign of fertility was also used to signify the rebirth of spring. Adapting has been one of the things that we human do best or so I believe. We have taken the Easter Bunny as part of the tradition not part of the religion and yet maybe it is the use of it that makes the whole holiday a bit more than just the resurrection of nature.
In the early days of the tradition children would build nests in and around their homes or in barns waiting for the Easter bunny to come. If they had been good the bunny would leave them multicolored eggs in those nests. Just like at Christmas one had to be good to get the goods if you know what I mean. Now this should be where I find you again, sitting out in front of the candy shop eating your Easter chocolate no doubt. What do those children have in common? What do we have in common with those children, other than we used to be one and like chocolate? Faith, they have faith that if they are good the Easter Bunny A.K.A. Peter Cottontail will come and leave them the multicolored eggs and candy in their nests or out where they have to find them. Some would say that it is far from the faith that one might get in a church and yet it is the same faith that it will happen. Oh sure maybe we as adults know better than to believe in such things as bunnies that bring eggs and candy but still we have that faith. Maybe we don’t show it or share it with everyone we see on a daily basis but it’s still there.
So to you my friends and family and family of friends, enjoy this day with your loved ones, eat the meal take the day off, dress up and go to church. Whatever you do or don’t do just find yourself having a little faith. Lift the glass and toast the faith that you have and pass some around while you’re at it, because we all can use a little more, especially when we keep hoping for that rewind. I may never get that rewind in any shape of form but I will have faith that eventually it will all turn out just the way it is meant to be. Good night Miss K and Ms Dawn where ever you are, I will forever miss you both and will always be hoping for that rewind….


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