I was born and raised in a small village in central New York. I have traveled extensively throughout the United States and now live in somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. I enjoy many things as well as writing, among them are photography, classic movies and a good cocktail.
I have published two books so far, the first is a fantasy fiction and is titled The Traveler’s Adventure’s in Valdore: The Beginning it is available as a hard copy book. The second is a collection of short stories and essays, they are available only as an e-book titled … Tales From the Strange Mind of Me: Short Stories and Essays.
You can find links to just some of the many websites they are available through by clicking on My Books at the top of this page.
You are welcome to contact me via email by clicking on the evelope below. You can also follow me on facebook and twitter through the appropriate link below.

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These pages are simply a collection of short stories, essays and poems that I have written over the years and continue to write in various places around the United States. I offer them up to you the reader, so that they may give you a little escape from your day, week or hour. I by no means offer them up so that someone somewhere can tear them apart and analyze them or my intent in writing them. Yet perhaps someday someone will and for those I say … don’t. Spare yourself the trouble; there is no underlying purpose or reason to how I have written the characters one way or another except for the simple reason that it is the way it worked out. While most of the essays are merely musings of life and from childhood they too are meant only to entertain. While there may or may not be any truth in them it is not for anyone to wonder. I know the parts that may or may not be truth and I do not need you or anyone else to speculate on it. They are just as they are, nothing more and nothing less. That being said I hope that you enjoy them. I know that I enjoy putting them here and sharing them with you.


3 responses to “About

  1. thevanbrown

    What we often share, through poems and stories from our inner thoughts, will be received as perhaps strange to some. Yet it is not likely for anyone else to have traveled the exact same pathway taking the exact same steps as you or me. Some things said will always resonate well with some, and be misunderstood by others, and not dictated by complexities. That you are brave enough to write from deep inside your thinking is a generous gift to those who will appreciate what you share. Thank you.


    • I once told someone that “My writing is like poker machines and meant for entertainment purposes only and not to be analyzed”, while it was said from a half intoxicated half sarcastic moment meant to be funny, I can’t see any reason to change it. I hope that you will return many times over as I do so enjoy sharing what I write no matter what others may think of it. Thank You for your comment


  2. Gary Peterson

    Fantastic man fantastic nice to see you let loose and be free showing your shit (good shit).


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