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I thought it might be fun to have you the readers of my books send me a photo of you with your copy of it and I will post it here to share with others that have also purchased and are enjoying it or have read it and did enjoy it… you don’t have to show all of your face or even part of it, if you don’t want. Be creative and make this a fun spot for readers to come and share. You can use your real name or not it doesn’t matter just send the photo of you with your book and the name/nickname you want me to use when I post it here for those to see and have a little fun with. Now I don’t want to discriminate against those that have not read the book … if you can find a way of taking  a photo of you reading my posts here on wordpress or reading my e-books then by all means send that along too why not sounds like it could be a little fun…  Here are some of the happy readers that have sent photos so far ….

Wild Willie and his book

Willie gets his !


Proof of Book

Not sure who this guy is but it looks like he is taking a page from Dagger!



Mercedes gets hers!!! I know she doesn't look it but she is excited !


Well they didn't give their name but it sure looks like they are enjoying it!


Another satified reader that only said "Leave me alone I'm reading" when asked who they were


"Hmm, nice cover" was all I could get from this guy. Is that a good thing?


I was told that all Mikey could say was .... "Wait this isn't by Hunter S. Thompson" and "I don't care that it's not about the Dodgers, I LIKE it."

Kathrine the happy reader on the left gave me this photo of her and Kayla for whom I have named a character after in the pages of the Travelers Adventures and to whom this book is in part dedicated to ...... We all miss you Miss K

Thanks Kathrine for allowing me to share this photo

FINALLY !! All the way from Austraila Jillians' smile seems to say it all ... thanks Jillian ... a.k.a. Red Raven

One of the first to recieve a book and after all her promises... I finally have it to share with you all... Just because it's backwards won't be taking away any points Kristy

A friend just sent this to me ... I hope he is not trying to tell me something... He said it was "Interesting or should I say diverse collection of reading material." Not sure what he meant by that ... all good I hope!

From Marie in England a.k.a. “Madmazz” “Bloody Brilliant” her words… I hope she’s talking about the book; yeah she has to be. right?

A good friend will always share their favorite things. From Bart in New Zealand with print out of my first e-book (the original cover even) and a dram. Knowing Bart … A.K.A. Scapa … there is something very tasty in that glass. “Slainthe” from The Whisky Shop Auckland NZ

Today in my e-mail I received, from an undisclosed location, a photo of SGT William Bentley holding his copy of the Traveler’s Adventures in Valdore and anxiously awaiting more. As of this posting he is stationed with his unit, nicknamed Honey Badgers of the Montana National Guard, in the wilds of Afghanistan. While I can’t say for certain that reading the Traveler’s Adventure’s in Valdore (TAV) made him any better at his job BUT there is a rumor that the SGT is now as fast with his weapon as The Traveler is with his sword. How fast is that you ask … You’ll just have to read it for yourself to find out just how fast he is. Hurry home Sarge, … can I get an OORAH!for the SGT and his Unit?

Here is another photo from that same undisclosed location. All i can say is … that right there is a well accessorized weapon if I ever did see one! Perhaps I could talk to the DOD and get them to add that to every weapon in the field … it would come with TAV as a mandatory equipment update of course

Great Read! Very adventurous! says Darren ‘Flyboy’ Smith A.K.A. Schmitty. Thanks bud, I hope that it didn’t take up too much of your F/X Flight Sim. time. or is that what took you so long to send the picture? … either way am glad you liked it and are looking forward to the next Adventure in Valdore!

My very good friend Katherine finally finally sent a photo of her reading the book after telling me that she was going to for a loooong time. If she looks familiar it’s because that’s also her hugging my cousin a few pics up. She also tells me that she isn’t finished with it yet … I guess I can give her a break but I just hope that she finishes it before her son … (see pic below)

Here is Katherines’ son Tobias taking his turn reading The Traveler’s Adventure’s in Valdore. By the looks of it he’s further along in it than his mommy. There’s a chance that he just might finish reading it before she does. Halfway through and goin for another page!
Although I was also told that f I don’t hurry up he’ll be in college before I get book 2 done … let’s hope not for my sake at least.

Amir is the next one in the Khalifa family to be reading TAV. Looks like the cat wants to have a go at it next. Nothing wrong with a family full of readers! I just wonder if the cat is going to wait until he’s finished. Then again maybe he’s cutting in on the cats time …

If there is one thing that makes me happier than when a reader sends in a photo of them reading my book that would be when they send a picture of the whole family reading my book. This is Katherine’s father as he reads it with his grandson. My only question might be after looking at this photo is who’s reading to whom. Makes me wonder if Tobias is reading to grandpa or is grandpa reading to Tobias… either way they both seem to be enjoying it!

Keeping it all in the family is Katherine’s mother taking her turn with my book. I can’t say for sure but judging by the items in the foreground ( the double shot cup and the bag clip ) I guess that she likes to read like I do … with a good drink and a good bag of chips what a way to go!

Willie gets his!!
Superfan Willie Strikes again with first photo!

Just got this photo from Mechelle, a dear friend in Oregon, with her copy of my latest book. We used to work together, that’s all I’m going to say about that, however if you have a roll of quarters ….

You gotta love a woman in her onesie … and I certainly have a fondness for Marie with her copy of Deadly Pawn and glass of wine. Looks to me like she has everything she needs to enjoy the evening. Cheers!


6 responses to “Reader Photos

  1. Willie

    I didn’t think Dagger ever smiled…


  2. I am thinking that is as good as it gets… for Dagger at least, not sure about this guy though ….


  3. Willie

    Yes, looks like we picked up a weirdo. 😉


  4. He’s a strange one that’s for sure …


  5. Sgt Bentley

    Hey bud cant wait for the next one. Just so you know me and my team are doing good still


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