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Just a few poems that I have written

Moonlit Dance

At one time I had a companion piece to this, but I will share this with you just the same … I believe it’s a good one to end Poetry Month.

Dancing in the moon light
Feeling only the moment
Moving in small circles in the light
Savoring each and every moment
Swaying gently together in time
Only two can hear the soft music
Each step is one closer together
Moon light falls down around us
Breeze blows the scent of flowers
Filling all of our senses at once
Holding each other closer and closer
Stars overhead jealously looking down
A kiss stolen in the dance
The dancers become the lovers
The lovers become the dancers
Intertwined in the moon light
Looking down at your naked skin from above
It is the moon that is jealous now
Your beauty and smooth skin glowing
Reflecting the light of the moon
Suddenly the dance ends
Imaginary music heard only by two
Fading away in the coming daylight
All that will be left is just us two
Curled up beneath the fading star light
Unlike the moon the sun is never jealous
Only harsh and unforgiving
Hours from now the moon will return
So will the moonlit dance


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