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Stressing, Pulling Hair or Easy Peasey?

Having written a few of these I wonder if there is much anything else I can say that I haven’t yet said about the holiday that I am writing about. It doesn’t matter the holiday many of them I spend pulling my remaining hair out trying to think of something to say that will stand out or help to make someone remember a time in their life. Now I wish I could sit here and spend a few minutes and write out the perfect piece, especially for Mother’s Day. I have done my usual reading of past pieces trying to catch an idea that I can use. I even contemplate the idea of just reusing one of the ones from previous years just to make it less stressful. Yeah, you’re right sometimes I even do use a previous years piece just to make it easier on me. Oh, I will find something that most of you have never seen before clean it up, edit it, change some of the passages and in general make better than the first time so that those of you that have read it before don’t realize it. Well, at least not too much to make you want to quit reading.
Here I am again in the same predicament I have been in so many holidays before the night before the holiday without a piece in hand and nothing to show for it except maybe a little less hair. It’s not like I have that much left to pull out but that is not the point or is it? Taking a look at my dilemma I realize there is little I can do about it. More importantly there is no time left for me to worry about it. The holiday, in this case Mother’s Day is upon us. The sun is out and it looks like today isn’t going to be so bad after all. You are all probably wondering just where I am going with this well let me tell you, I am wondering the same exact thing. Somewhere along the way I am sure it will come to me and then it will come to you as well. Then again maybe it won’t.
With time ticking away and the pressure mounting one can only try to figure out just what it is that I have running through my mind. Seriously, maybe you can help me try to figure it out. There’s nothing like rambling on into the subject and hoping that I can pull out some semblance of Mother’s Day piece; in reality though this really is my point about this holiday. There comes a time when every mother has asked themselves if what they are doing is the right thing. They worry and wonder if they will have the time to raise their child in a way that will make them a good adult. Stressing and pulling out their hair as we children do things that make them think we have lost our minds. With any luck we did. However it works out we grew up hopefully with their guidance and love and with even more luck we in turn became somewhat well-adjusted adults ourselves with ankle biter’s of our own. Creating a circle of pulling out hair while our parents stand back and take in all the good stuff that they having to be the ever disciplinarian when you were growing up never got to do. Yes that’s right spoiling our children just as their parents spoiled us.
So to you my friends and family and family of friends I give you Mother’s Day do with it what you will. I hope that you can find at least a little connection with my dilemma and today. If only a few memories of wanting to pull out your own hair or your child’s whichever the case may be. Remember to give the old gal a chance to redeem herself if need be. Don’t forget to offer up a toast to the mother’s in your life be they of blood or by choice. With a little bit of luck and a few stressful moments there will always be mother’s willing to care for us in some way or another.


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