Goodbye Angel

I am not really sure why I want to offer this one up to you all, but here it is. The other day I was asked by a friend if I would write something for her. Actually it was kind of like, “If you need something to write about … would you … for me.” That wasn’t the exact conversation but it get’s to the point. Normally I would have pulled out something I had in my archives dusted it off and maybe changed it a little. In truth that is what I had intended to do when I told her that I would see what I could do. Although after a working on it for a little bit I realized that it just wasn’t going to do, instead I wrote this.

You were a special gift
One kissed by an angel
An angel given to us to love
You touched the life of all that met you
Your sparkling eyes filled with love
Melting the hearts of us all
You brought so much Joy
Your life just beginning
But then you were taken away
Now we struggle to understand it
Our hearts miss you each day
Longing to hold you again
To hear you and to see you again
You were our angel here on earth
Now you are an angel in heaven
An angel to watch over us
Our angel to love
Our angel to miss

21 October, 2014

In Loving memory of Avree Ann Streminski, 19 November, 2013 – 17 January, 2014


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