What would you do for glory?
A question asked but to a few
One that usually ends with a death
What price glory
What makes a hero?
Aren’t we all a hero to some?
If only for a moment
For that instant you were a hero
To someone you made their world
Fixed the flat or said the right word
Answered a question that changed a life
Made a difference in someone’s day
In our minds the glory or the need
Which do we know first?
The need is the reason that we act
Glory is its reward?
We do it all for the glory?
We do it all for love
The love of each other
Man woman child
Brother Sister Lover
Father mother other
The glory is the aftermath

4 March, 2008



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5 responses to “Glory

  1. This is good, very very good.


  2. I really love this, it speaks volumes.


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