It is It … My love (is) Addicted (to) Cupids Warmth

In honor of Valentine’s Day I thought I might share a few Poems from my e-book Poems from the Strange Mind of Me: Love and Other Possibly Icky Things that you can purchase through Barnes & Noble Amazon.

It is It

There is nothing as powerful as it
Everything in our lives is ruled by it
It runs our lives and we keep track of it
We are conceived of it
We are born of it
We are raised with it
We are made sick by it
We are broken by it
We are cared for by it
We are cured with it
Yet we search for it
We crave it
We miss it
We live for it
We desire it
We hate it
We loath it
We act crazy for it
We are driven crazy by it
We even die from it
Yet it is all of what life is
Without it we are nothing
Nothing else will do
For us love is it

My Love

My love is a flower that blooms
My love is a sun that rises
My love is the moon that fills the night sky
But mostly my love is you
For you bloom all year long
With the brightness of the sun
And with the fullness of the moon
Filling my life with your scents
And brightness that lights my gloom
Filling my heart over and over
My love is life that fills me
Turning my darkness to light
With beauty and delicate scents
Your soft light glows from within
Lighting my life with your presence
My love makes my spirit soar
Carrying me to new heights
Everyday a new adventure
To keep me from my boredom
My love is everything that is life
You lift me from myself
To show me what life is worth
Yes you do all these things
For you are my love


Her big soft brown eyes sparkle
Each time she looks my way
Her face waiting to be held
With lips crying out ‘kiss me’ after each word
Her short sweet body begging to be held
Silent words every time she moves
She whispers come love me
Without saying a word
Deep black hair hangs over her face
Keeping her in mystery
Soft brown eyes sparkle
Each time the candle flickers
Makes it hard to look anywhere else
Each smile brings out her dimples
The crinkle in corners of each eye
Tells me each time I dare to look
She is happy just to be across from me
Holding her white rose as a prize
Soon she will tell me of her day
The rose will not dip once as she speaks
Each word that comes out hangs in the air
As if it does not want to leave mouth
A happy sound follows each sentence
But only I can hear it
I am not sure what she is saying
I can only hear the happy sound
All I can see are her eyes sparkling
And her lips as they make her happy sound
I am done I am hers and she is mine
I lean in to hear her better
But I know I do not care what she says
There’s nothing I can do I am addicted

Cupids Warmth

Winters cold wind still blows
Snow piles up to the windows
January thaw not so far behind
Yet huddling together keeping warm
It comes again and again as it always does
That feeling that holds on to me forever
Your head on my arm while sleeping lightly
Gentle breathing keeps my arm warm
Could this be what I have waited for all along
This closeness in body and heart
Once a year it comes like most important things
A lover’s day through the night and the next
Soon it will be time to part
Reality comes again as it always does
Holding on to each other
Never wanting to leave the moment
Or for the moment to ever end
Stay hidden just an hour more
Trying to escape that which always comes
Hold me closer today than any other
Remind me that you love me this day
And all the of the days between this until next
Come my love share this day with me
Cupid is in our world this day that we may know
That our love is stronger now than last he was here
Happy Valentines my love
May we feel this love all through the year

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4 responses to “It is It … My love (is) Addicted (to) Cupids Warmth

  1. Shell Ochsner

    I can read your poetry all day! If you haven’t already, you really need to consider publishing a book of poetry.


    • Thanks for the compliment. I have never really considered my poetry my strong suite. However I did publish an e-book of my poetry last year. If you are interested you can pick it up on, B&, or It contains mostly poems of and about love, it’s more than reasonably priced at a whopping $0.99 ! You can click on through to any one of them by using the links at the bottom of the post by clicking on their logo. Thanks again for your comment and compliment feel free to tell all your friends as well.
      W. M. Stahl


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