The Express will have to Wait !

With a rattle and a shake it would stop
Off the track again with a big hop
Twisting, and leaning from side to side
With shouts and whoops from all at hand
The engine tilting barely hanging on
Workmen rushed quickly to the rescue
Safety of the rail depended on their work
The express would be coming way too soon
Pushing pulling the cars back onto the track
The cargo re-stacked on their cars
Passengers climb the steps once again
Taking their seats they wait to be going again
With a blast of its whistle the engine tells all
Soon all will be well and they will be off
Cheers filed the air as it would begin again
Across the field it went around the turn
Through the tunnel then past the factory
Slowing down it finally arrived in town
Down would come the arms to stop the cars
Crossing main street and the children waving
With its whistle blowing it would round the last turn
Breaks squeaking as it comes to a stop
With a final look the passengers climbed slowly down
Into the station to be warmed or for a quick meal
Red capped men and women climb aboard
Sorting through they unload the proper luggage
With watch in hand the conductor paced back and forth
The dinner bell sounding in the background
With a groans and moans the engineer would finally rise
Stepping over the train sounding off their objections
Off to the dinner table with a pout on their lips
The express would just have to wait


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