Valentine’s Day

Winters cold wind still blows
Snow piles up to the windows
January thaw not so far behind
Yet huddling together keeping warm
It comes again and again as it always does
That feeling that holds on to me forever
Your head on my arm while sleeping lightly
Gentle breathing keeps my arm warm
Could this be what I have waited for all along
This closeness in body and heart
Once a year it comes like most important things
A lovers day through the night and the next
Soon it will be time to part
Reality comes again as it always does
Holding on to each other
Never wanting to leave the moment
Or for the moment to ever end
Stay hidden just an hour more
Trying to escape that which always comes
Hold me closer today than any other
Remind me that you love me this day
And all the of the days between this until next
Come my love share this day with me
Cupid is in our world this day that we may know
That our love is stronger now than last he was here
Happy Valentines my love
May we feel this love all through the year

14 February 2008


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One response to “Valentine’s Day

  1. Kim Allen

    I like this one!


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