In my mind I can dream
There I can do anything
Live a life of purity
Or delve into the depths of depravity
Fight in battles long gone
Or those yet to come
Walk in ancient societies
And run with the dinosaurs
Yet I think now of the more recent past
In my mind I can stand next to Lincoln
As he speaks in Gettysburg
Be a fisherman rowing the boat
Carrying Washington across the Delaware
Sweeping the floor in Philadelphia
At the signing of the declaration of independence
Served a beer as Paul Revere
Rode into the night
Worked the docks
At Boston Harbor during the “Tea Party”
Stood up after Patrick Henry spoke in Virginia
And repeated “Give me Liberty or give me death
Sat with the writers of the Constitution
And read as they wrote the freedoms of the press
And of our right as Americans to bare arms
Oh let me not forget that I can be with every American
In every battle ever fought for freedoms around the world
Yes in my mind I can be at all of these places whenever I wish
Yet in this world come forces
Forces of change that wish to take this gift away
Oh they say it will be good for the country
This change and the taking away
Yet it is no good for us or our Constitution
This piece of paper hallowed and revered
Will be just paper in our past if they have their way
And your arms will be given away along with many other rights
The nanny state has begun to take control
Is this what they had in mind?
Those that gave all for us
Those that risked all for, US
In my mind I can be any of these places and more
But if we keep silent much longer
As our country is sold down the river
All in the name of who knows what?
The only place we may be able to speak of these things
Will be in our minds……
Let not our ancestors struggle go out with a whimper
No I quote “Do not go gentle into thy good night Rage, Rage”


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