Show me the way

With open arms you embraced us
Your love for us showing on your face
Each time you put yourself out
Not always getting back what you gave

You brought your children into this world
And showed them the way
They brought you great joy
No matter what you would not have changed it

The world awaits those that are like you
You embraced this world
Accepting of your role as care giver
And many times cursing it

Your stay here was too short
Not long enough for us
We still could use your care
Not long enough for the world

You go on ahead of us now
Make the path for us to follow
Watch over us with your care
So that we can walk your path

Moments with anyone are so precious
They were no different with you
With your life’s depleting breath’s
You showed us how strong you made us

You answered the call to go home
Gone now in the blink of an eye
You left us behind
To care for each other

I should be angry
Many times I just might be
But in you I found something else
I found a heart bigger than mine

Walk into the light my friend
Show me the way to follow you
Show me the way to meet you
Some day my friend we will see each other

5 December 2006

For my friend Lorra long may you live on in our hearts and minds
She gave her last breath with us in her heart on December 2, 2006


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