Blossoms of Spring

Pink and yellow colors of spring
Pastels soft and new on the land
Bright days come again every year
Long winter nights soon forgotten
New birth pushes up from the ground
Springing forth into the growing light
Night and day near equal in time
Giving the earth a new chance to bloom
April comes as it always does in its own time
Snow will melt and the blossoms will sprout
Bringing forth the new life of spring
Birds sing and begin to make new nests
New families come out into the light
Animals of all kinds bringing new life
The world around changing daily
Gentle rains come and flowers grow
Brown grass to lush green lawn
New life is everywhere you look
Blossoms of spring bring smiles
Everywhere you look its true
Everywhere you look it’s new
Nature works its magic on the earth
While the blossoms of spring work magic on us
Sweet scent of spring, carry me away
Blossoms of spring fill my eyes with spring
Fill my senses with everything that is spring


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