The Problem

Folded arms one over the other
Standing with legs spread wide
Disgust that covers your face
The choices were made too early
Too late now to change anything
Try not to see it just one way
Look from the other side too
Frustration quickly turns to anger
Too soon does judgment come
Turn away from it
Unfold your arms one from the other
Sit down to hear me out
I can not have you standing there
In your judgmental stance
Seeing only your anger rising
Look to me to see what I see
See the other side of what you see now
Oh the hell with it, stay that way
What does it matter all things considered
You would not believe me if I told you anyway
I should keep trying to get you to see
What is the use you will still be mad at me
No matter what I do or what I say
You will say I am an ass just the same
So to make this short and less bitter
I’ll just kiss your ass now if it’s all the same
Oh forget it I’ll just sleep on the couch

3 February 2008


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