Love is a Fickle Bitch and Cupid is a Dirty Rotten Little Prick

Flowers and candy and bows and arrows, who would have thought that those four things would have something in common certainly not me. Yet they do and for some strange reason it works. Then again love is a fickle bitch and Cupid is a dirty rotten little prick, proving that even in love two things don’t always have to match. Sometimes you just want to hunt the bastard down and strangle the SOB with his own bow. I do tend to wonder just whose freakin bright idea it was to give the god of desire a bow and arrow to shoot his prey. Only some sadistic prick could equate the heart with an arrow and get love. No one ever said the Romans were all kind and considerate people, they did seem to enjoy the entertainment at the coliseum.
Mythology, where cupid was born, paints him as mischievous and a prankster. That being the case the next time you find yourself touched by the little bastards’ arrow it might be better to just sit down and take a deep breath because it’s probably just indigestion or that dirty rotten little prick playing a joke on you. Leave it to the Greeks to create such network of gods and put a story line to them and even let them have their own children. I wonder if in fact his mischievous side didn’t come from being, well a bastard. Cupid the Roman god of desire and love was born to Venus and Mars or maybe it was Venus and Mercury some lean toward Mars the god of war. But, wars are what they are and all taking a god away for long stretches of time you never know what could happen when he was gone. Mercury being Mercury the swift runner that he is could have been there and gone long before Mars returned from battle.
Is it any wonder I am single. Yeah you somehow knew that right if not from previous posts you certainly could tell from the way this opened. Then again maybe not, I did just put up an e-book full of poems that mostly had to do with the very subject of this day. Kind of makes you wonder what’s in it, either that or thankful you didn’t spend the dollar to get one. I wasn’t always the harbinger of the death of love and all things related; at least I don’t think I was. I wonder if maybe I didn’t spend too much time reading and watching mysteries. Could my feelings of love be blocked with the thought and worry that I would find the one that decided that she had to kill me for some reason. I might snore the wrong way or some such thing, she may decide that she just can’t leave if she finds someone she likes better. You know the one that says ‘they won’t ever give me a divorce’. I say if you want out have at it, just allow me to keep breathing when you leave. What good is it if you have a chance of living in a small room with metal bars and concrete walls? It’s not like I have any money for them to inherit and if I did what person in their right mind would kill for that, after all there is still the high profitability that you will end up on the same place, they say that the concrete is cold and unforgiving . Nah, I’m pretty sure that wasn’t it, it may not have helped much but I doubt that it’s the entire reason.
With everything we know about Valentine’s Day there is so much more that we don’t, not about the day itself oh no that would be way too easy. It is the nature of the other part of the title of this piece that gives one the heartburn and headaches. Now if only love weren’t such a fickle bitch it would be easier to find and hang on to. There is little sense blaming the opposite sex on this one even though you always try to. You realize that it’s not always their fault it could be yours but chances are it’s that little prick cupid that decided to hit you or them with a lead heart tipped arrow. You know the one that brings hate; that is if you believe such things. However this is Valentine’s Day and with it comes the mythology as well as the reality or what we have been told could maybe sort of been the reality. In which case it is always best to believe in all of the traditions and beliefs that go with it, because you just never know for sure.
Just what does this really have to do with Valentine’s Day itself and all the hearts and flowers and candy that will be given out in the name of love? Who the hell cares. Love is just what you think it is and everything that you have ever been told about it. Just when you think you have it, it may have all been just an illusion and it disappears right before your eyes. And just when you think you’ll never find it, it will pop up in front of you and wave its arms and show you it’s there. Still there are the times when it lingers far longer than we would like or ever want it to. The one thing that we should learn from love, that is if we learn anything, is that one can never tell which love will be the best love and lasting love. The one thing I have learned over the years that I will openly share but never admit to is, that without the love of another there is little to look forward to.
So to you my family and friend and friends of family, I give you Valentine’s Day in all its plumage. Give what it takes and take what it gives. Remember your Valentine where ever they are today, if you must give them something and you probably do, be sure to make it from the heart. Take time out today to grab your beverage of choice and offer up a toast to your Valentine and Valentine’s Day itself. Sure love is a fickle and sadistic bitch and Cupid is sadistic rotten little prick, but let’s face it without St. Valentine, Cupid or love we would be nowhere. Now go have a great heart filled day, and be fickle.


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