Please Make The Hammering Stop!

Another year is coming to end and many wonder what we have to show for it. Well I am sure that there is something that will stand out for each one of us. Some for better others for the worse, yet we take it in stride and prepare for a New Year and hope that it will be better. There is one thing that I can think of that is a constant year after year the New Year’s Eve party and its inevitable outcome; the hangover.
We spend the days of the year marking the calendar lamenting each passing day, wanting to toss the anchor out and stop it from ending and moving on to the next day. Yet we welcome the ending of the year with open arms, embrace it by having or going out to parties; celebrating the demise of the year with great enthusiasm. Is it any wonder that we often find ourselves with a huge hangover on the first day of the New Year? Could this be the reason that we spend so much time trying to make the year slow down and keep it from moving by so quickly, so that we can avoid the impending hangover? Perhaps that by the time we arrive at Christmas we have given up all hope of making the year go by more slowly and we decide that we may as well give in and embrace the coming year and hope that we will have better luck then.
With pounding radiating in between our ears we promise ourselves, never again even though we know we are obviously lying. Because it is only a matter of time before we hear the calling of our names from some of our favorite friends and close companions, you know the ones that never judge us when we have too much or complain when we don’t call them often enough. They are the ones that are always there waiting for us to drop in and say hello never a harsh word toward us. But promise we will even as the hammers bang away, off the beat of course. Oh sure we promise lots of things but then aren’t a lot things we tell ourselves just to get by until the next time and all the times that there are none? I know that makes absolutely no sense at all, then again with a hangover what really does, except maybe the promise of never again.
New Year’s Eve arrives with a whimper to be sure, not for any special reason other than well that’s just how it is. Actually it doesn’t matter how it comes in because we have a plan, right? If not there is always the play it by ear plan it’s better than nothing and sometimes even better than an actual plan. I guess if we were to sit down and analyze all this we might come to the conclusion that we party on this night to cleanse the year away from us. All so that at the stroke of midnight we will have a clean slate to begin another year with. One full of hope and 365 days to look forward to something, hopefully an amazing something will happen to us. Even though we are pretty sure if not convinced that by April we may be one of the ones looking for the anchor to toss out and stop the days from going by so quickly, at the very least slow them down. There are, as I am finding, perhaps more than one reason that we would desire to slow the days of the year. One being the aforementioned hangover, another being that we are not accomplishing our set goals for the year and yet another that everything is going by just too quickly and there is no time to smell the stink weed. I am sure that you the reader can think of one or two more reasons that are entirely your own, I hope you don’t think I am going to guess what they might be. Still when New Year’s Eve shows up on our calendars we grab onto it every time. Whatever the reasons we have for grabbing on and not letting go until we are assured a right proper hangover there is little that will change our minds. In fact we sometimes take great strides toward making sure that hangover is a good one.
One cure that can be found has been practiced in homes and bars since its inception some might say it was specifically made for Sundays. The Bloody Mary, to some it is the cure-all of the hangover and made especially for lazy Sunday mornings or afternoons as the case may be. Morning of course depends on the official waking time of the person and the depth of the hangover. For some that morning could be five in the morning or five in the afternoon and luckily this year January first happens to be on a Sunday ah the hangovers will be happy as they find their cure.
So to you my friends and family and family of friends embrace New Year’s Eve for whatever reason you may have. Make your hangover a good one and try not to make the lame promise of never again, even you know that one is doubtful. Line up your resolutions; make them attainable or at least plausible. Remember to take a moment to lift up your glass and offer a toast to the year past and the one ahead. Remember also to offer up another toast to those of your friends and family that are no longer with us. What the heck you will be so busy making your hangover you may just as well keep toasting anything and everything that you feel necessary. One last thing… Be safe while you build that hangover; don’t drink and drive! Find a taxi at the end of the night or one of your friends that is not working on a hangover to drive you home. Nothing ruins a hangover like a night in jail or a pine box.

I don't remember where I found this but I think it fits nicely here! 🙂



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