Speak of Love

To speak of love
Is to speak of life
It is an old story
This one of love

We whisper its name
We praise its character
We desire it more than fame
We praise the feeling

What is this love
Stories are told of it
It’s sought after more than gold
Lives lived for only for it

We whisper its name
Over and over to ourselves
Liking how it rolls off our tongue
It gives us warmth to think it

How does this work
Why speak it only in whispers
Why not shout to the world
Would the search be easier

To let all know when we seek it
To let all know when we find it
We let all know when it is real
Sharing it having found the one

It is all a mystery
Yet we still speak the words
Whispering or shouting they come out
Those powerful words of love

30 March 2008



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2 responses to “Speak of Love

  1. Tammy

    We all like the fantasy, sometimes “love” bites.


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