Choices: the Good the Bad the Ugly

We all make a choice each and every day
Some good some bad in each and every way
Yet make them we must
Even the ones we distrust

I made one so many days ago
That I knew was not the right way to go
Yet I made it just the same
Even though I knew it was totally insane

I was not the only one
We each made the wrong one
Our choice was made one faithful day
We both knew there would come another day

Many years since has come and gone
How I have wish I had not done what was done
Stood by the choice as said I would
I wanted to take it back each day oh how I wish I could

We live by our choices right or wrong
We can not go back if we made it wrong
Forward we must go on as time will not stop
Even when in our mind we know it has to stop

What was done was done
But it was not good for everyone
Now it comes
The day I prayed would come

Finally I hope I make it right
Please god help me get this one right
The choice was made though it hurt each one
I hope in your heart you can forgive us each one

16 April 2011



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4 responses to “Choices: the Good the Bad the Ugly

  1. Kelly

    I like this one a lot


  2. Kathryn

    Remembering the good choices help us to overcome the bad ones…never forget the good ones. Becoming your friend so many years ago was a very good choice :)…along with many others…

    Keep writing and I will keep reading…they lift me, even the sad ones.


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