Tales Content and Description

I thought I would let you know just what stories are included in my soon to be released ebook titled Tales from the Strange Mind of Me a collection of Short Stories and Essays.

Each story included in this collection draws on my memories, life, and family. They are tied together by life events, the pursuit of love, happiness and memories. In each essay I share with you some of memories of my childhood and growing up. I also ask a question or two many of us may have pondered at least once. I hope that you will enjoy them as much as I enjoy sharing them with you.

Jaime O’Brien — Is about a boy, a girl and an old man. Dreams can tell us of the future or remind us of the past all while reality continues around us. This tale spins around both dream and reality. Which is a dream and which is the reality is for the reader to decide.

A Walk in the Park — We have all been there too busy with our life to realize what goes on around us. This couple is no different from privileged families he keeping the family business going she busy with her life of charity and social life. Neither unhappy but ye neither happy either. That is until this morning when all that seemed to change.

Stealing Kisses — ever think about your first kiss? A date at the fair is just a date, unless you really want to be there with someone else. Will his heart be crushed before he ever gets to kiss the girl or does she want the kiss as much as he does?

The House up the Street — after a prank a boy finds himself hiding in the house up the street and spends the night alone, or is he. Meeting her parents has never been like this.

Brothers — memories from the past pour out in this half salute half dish on brotherly love…

Spring, Summer, Vacation, Fall, Winter

In separate tributes to the seasons one can’t forget the little things that make them all worthwhile. Come along and share some memories and more of things that make each of the seasons the best season of the year.

Oh, yes, vacation should be treated as the 5th season of the year.


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