New Years Eve 2010

I know what your thinking … isn’t it supposed to be 2011 well let me tell ya I went through this all before and my mind still hurts to think about it… so let me just say that its simple it isn’t 2011 until after midnight then it no longer is evening it’s morning and the next day… . What you’re not buying that argument? Too bad its my mind not yours.

“What a drag it is getting old.” I sit trying to think about writing and I seem to get is the title words of that song running through my mind. Now thanks to a movie I was watching earlier I have added “ooo, baby, baby it’s a wild world and I’ll always remember you like a child girl….” now ain’t that just the shit. Just when you are all alone on New Years Eve they have to remind you. At least I can say I am not working anyway, not that anyone really cares. I am thinking about the years behind and those ahead while wondering if I should order some pizza or something. I do not need either, the pizza or the something but I will need to eat sometime tonight. I guess I can’t really say I am alone, after all there is always the ever present voice on the internet as I sign in that says good evening to me, or morning or afternoon which ever the case may be, now there’s the perfect relationship. Talks only when I sign in, never says too much, and never argues about anything no matter what I say back to it. There you have it, perfection no matter what you might think or no matter your thoughts, wait there I go again running round the circle. Let’s see why was it I was here writing this? Oh, hell I should know better than to ask any of you, you never give me the immediate feedback I want on the subject at hand.

“Should old acquaintance be forgot”, how can an old acquaintance truly be forgotten? Unless of course that is you have a memory like a sieve like mine. However, there are names of people that we will carry with us forever this is true even for me. Oh sure it may take a minute or two to remember their names when you’re not thinking about them or sharing a story or two with another friend, but they are still there right where we remember them. Friends have come and gone in all of our lives many will never leave our conscience mind no matter how hard we try and I have tried seriously they are always there no matter what. Even those that we forget or seem to forget will always have a place in our hearts and minds.

One has to admit that the calendar is just man’s way of marking time. This night is just another night in the scheme of things and in the way of life. I do not know for sure why they would come up with a calendar that held three good seasons in the same year while taking the coldest one and stuffing it over two years. Yes, I know that in the southern hemisphere it’s summer and they have the good fortune of having summer spread over two years. Although I suppose if it is hot and humid and just all around miserable it can suck just as bad as being cold and snowy. Ah, for a place where the weather never changes more than a few degrees is never too humid or too dry. I am for the New Year to begin on or near the first day of spring, so that all the seasons fall in the same year, no stretching them out. We can always ask ourselves so many questions this night. Will this year finally be the year will you get that job you have been hoping to get? Will you find your true love that is if your not married all ready. Is this the year your children see you for what you are. Will you be blessed and finally have a child. Will you win the lottery? Will your boss recognize your talents finally? Perhaps this is the year you want to retire and you are hoping that you have saved enough money. But aren’t they better off left to a day or time when we have nothing else to think about after all we have more important things to worry about.

Yes, I know I have been doing some rambling here, but you are used to that right. I fess up to the fact that I also know it does not all connect, I guess that is price I pay for spending a night with William Powell and Myrna Loy and the Thin Man series of films. All I can say if you still don’t get it watch them and you will see that very few things need to connect to see everything. There has to be something to love about a couple that parties while solving crime. Of course they have that cute little dog that pretends to be a big shot but when the heat is on runs a duck and cover operation under the nearest table. And sure William Powells’ characters only other past time is drinking while making no bones about having married his wife for her money, sounds a little suspiciously like some people I know just kidding honest I swear, but still all in all some great movie watching. There has to be a lesson in there some where right. Perhaps on this night you can fully understand Nick and Nora Charles; William Powell and Myrna Loy. Nick is sometimes heard saying “let’s get something to eat I’m thirsty” and after one particular night out Nora is heard to ask, “What hit me? “ To which Nick replies “That last martini”. I know that for most of you this is only a once in a while condition and one that can be forgiven especially on New Years Day.

Whatever it is that you may be or are hoping for this coming year remember the following: It matters little if we do not stop and have a little fun once in a while.

So to you my friends and family and family of friends on this the end of one and the beginning of another I ask that you remember the words to that timeless song, “Well I come from Alabama….” Sorry, wrong song how does that that song go again… oh yeah, “Should old acquaintance be forgot in days of auld Lang syne,” with those words planted on your lips raise your glass and make a special toast to those friends that are not in your presence and those that have gone before you. Remember them fondly, wish for them to be well, wish for them to remember the time when you were close and laughing about some silly joke or song that you just made up, keep them close in your mind as you sip and celebrate the coming of a new and exciting year. Oh and just one more thing, we old bartenders nick name this night “amateur night” so for those of you that are planning on going out be as responsible as you are every party night and designate a driver. And from me personally I would like to take this time to wish you and yours a happy and prosperous New Year in spite of myself.


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