Merry Christmas 2010

I told myself not too long ago that I would not write another holiday essay. Just why I told myself that is neither here nor there but it was said and well here I am just the same. That being the case maybe you will forgive me if I turn around and sneak this one in ….

Tis the night before the night before Christmas and all through the house… (catchy isn’t it… like you could say it better….) well maybe you’re right perhaps that is a bit over done, and okay I have used this line before, but it helps. Miracles do happen or so I am told and I often wonder just what it takes to be on the receiving end of one of those miracles. I wonder too if there is a time limit on them you know get your miracle today by five or you miss out. Maybe it’s not like that at all. Then again you never can tell until you get there and then I guess you can ask all the reasons why. Okay so there is the one footprint in the sand thing that you may remember but why would you want just one footprint why not two? Oh well here we are the time of year that we celebrate the birth of Jesus, so it’s only natural I suppose that we have questions that we can’t answer. The one question I have often asked myself is… well maybe not that often but once in a while for sure… just what does Jesus do on his birthday. Sure we know what happened on the day he was born. The three wise men, the animals all looking in and scaring him, that little boy with the obnoxious drum that didn’t have anything else to give him we know all that stuff right. Do you think that there is a reenactment each and every year? If there is does Jesus play himself or do they have a raffle or pageant to pick someone to play him? I even wonder from time to time if Jesus actually looks forward to his birthday. After all don’t we all begin to dread the thought of one more birthday? You would think that after his first one thousand birthdays he would just want to forget them you know. It’s just one more day after all. Do you think that the three wise men come year after year with the same thing just like your Aunt Sophie? I am sure that all of Christendom celebrating his birthday is one thing but just how many times do think a guy likes to get socks and underwear. I suppose it’s a good thing that Christmas comes only once a year, otherwise we would all be in big trouble or is it just me? Who knows for sure but I will leave you with this….

Tis the season and our hearts know the reason
This is the best time of year this one filled with cheer
It’s red and green and everything in between
Tiny lights fill the cities and towns are all lit up all around
We walk through the malls while listening to deck the halls
With each dollar we spend the scrooge in us does end
When we can no longer stand we finally leave with bags in hand
We slip them inside and into places they will hide
The time has come for the decorations to be done
With the tree all done and the mistletoe hung
Time now to enjoy this season of joy
Smells that often come from the oven
Can only mean a little Christmas lovin
Cakes cookies and other sweet treats
All come out on plates for us to eat
It won’t be long before Christmas comes along
It is all about giving and giving and giving
We celebrate it in every town
With everyone from two hundred on down
Tis just before Christmas and all through town
Not a creature is stirring they just can’t get around
Tomorrow it will be here that day of big cheer
Christmas songs are playing and children still are waiting
Christmas is close now but the minutes click by so painfully slow
Excitement builds as the hours pass and yet the sun refuses to hang low
Daylight still hangs on why oh why must it go so horribly slow
Tomorrow is Christmas yet it will not come if the sun does not set
Time stands still each year on this day
Perhaps not but it does go by so horribly slow
If the minute does not pass soon I am sure I will be screaming
The children all warned and in their beds all warm
Santa is always real when you are as young as you feel
Dreams of what will come fill each and everyone
But have no fear for morning soon will be here
Stockings with great care were placed
Each one with a name over the fireplace
Under the tree the presents all wrapped and with ribbons and bows
One can only hope that they are more than clothes
The time is late yet Santa will come for each and everyone
You could have sworn that it was him that blew the horn
You tried to catch him how close had you been
How could it have gone so wrong
Now the milk and cookies are all gone
There is nothing to fear daylight is near
You know he has come get up! Getup!
To the tree you hurry and run
It is too early now get back to bed they always yell
Disappointed tis true but back you go dragging your feet
Trying again and again but always it is back to bed again
Yet the hours would pass and soon it was finally time
Shouting, the wide eyed the children do stand
Santa was here settling everyone’s fears
Oh my what a haul!
Each and every toy will be played with this day
Sleepy eyed dinner gets tucked into the oven
Now there is time for more family lovin
More family and friends soon will be here
Bringing with them more tidings and good cheer
Happy and stuffed we will all sit around
Sports on the television flicker and call
Oh my that really was a bad one after all
At the end of the day we may kneel and pray
To the health of all on this very special day

Well, now isn’t that special okay so maybe it wasn’t quite that special. Yeah, I know it probably wont ever rank up in the top five Christmas poems ever written. Perhaps I will not even rank in the top two million, but maybe it brought back a memory or two or maybe just a smile on your face.

So, to you my friends and family and family of friends take in this holiday of cheer and good will. Show your love to your fellow man, give what you can and take what is given. Know that it is given with love no matter how much or how little is given. Throw open your arms, your homes and your heart. Share of yourself and your meal to those around and those that you love. Try not to think of the year that is behind or of the one in front think only for once of this day and those around you. And from me to you Merry Christmas to you all even if you be Scrooge or Grinch.

December 24, 2010


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