The way one reader sees it

The Traveler’s Adventures in Valdore is about:
A young man who has spent his life dreaming of adventures and traveling to far away lands leaves the safety of his family and home to embark on an adventure of epic proportions. What the boy doesn’t envision is that he is part of a Divine fate that will change the world of Valdore forever. There are the two that were to tell him of his destiny and heritage that was hidden from him. However, for seemingly selfish reasons, they decide it may be best to let fate reveal itself on it’s own terms. Along his journey, he befriends a shadowy figure who would help lead and guide him to his purpose. While his trainer knows everything about who he is, he must let the fates decide the revelation. Loved by a young girl that leaves an inadequate life behind, joins the pair to embark on a marvelous journey. The three commence their adventures together and while some of his inherited powers begin to manifest themselves he does not see it happening and would not believe it even if he did.
Hays Waller

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