I Remember You

It has been a long time
You and I sharing a smoke
The bus rides from school
The sports we play together
Much is gone from my mind
Taken away from me by others
But you were never truly forgotten
You are still strong there
What I remember of you
The reconnect better than all
Laughter again ringing around
And now you are gone from us
We may have all known
But it is not any easier
You will always live
In our hearts and minds
Some more than others maybe
But you are there just the same
Many tears may be shed as we think of you
Then the laughter begins
All the memories of you
We will share as we speak of you
That walk you would do
The face you always made
The words you would say
Oh yes my old friend
You will still be here with us
Those that you have gone before
As we jump on the snowmobile for a ride
Bounce a basketball
Our next beer
Where and what ever we do
In some way you will be there too

30, June 2010
For “Tigger” never forgotten


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