Christmas 2005

I just want to take a minute here if I might and tell you about some people out there that aren’t very happy about this Holiday. They would take away its name; ban the use of word Christmas all together. They would take away any public display of its, music, plays, decorations, and symbols. They seek to make it illegal to let anyone see that there is a Christian Holiday in December, or any other month for that matter. I ask that you stand up and say enough, enough of making their views yours, enough of telling us what freedoms we cannot have because they offend them, enough of those few tell us that this is not what our forefathers meant when they wrote our Constitution and the Bill of Rights, enough of them telling you and I that we must accept them when they DO NOT accept us. I thank you for reading this and ask that you send at least this part out to everyone you know that is passionate about this Holiday, passionate about their faith, passionate about the freedoms of this country. It is past the time that we fight back if not now… when?
In San Diego, CA there is a memorial that sits atop a hill on that hill is a cross that some want torn down. In Los Angeles last year they were forced to take a small cross that appeared in on the city shield, there is a man out there that is attempting to wipe the word God from every public building our pledge, our money and were ever else it is in view to the public. There are those that have forced municipalities to no longer call it a Christmas holiday, to not call it a Christmas tree, to ban the nativity from public property, the Ten Commandments from courthouses and other public areas. Yes my friends these things are real and only we can stand up and say ENOUGH!!!!!!!
It is time that we remind this country where it came from to remind them that country was formed on Judeo Christian beliefs and laws. That if it weren’t for these beliefs and laws this country would have crumbled long ago and will crumble if it is taken away. I believe that they would have us throw out the Constitution and the bill of rights and re write it all to their satisfaction.
I don’t know about anyone else that is reading this but I for one am damn ass proud of the men that wrote those words. I am damn proud of their beliefs about what would make this country. I am damn proud of my ancestors’ sacrifices to make this country what it is today, well except for those among us that wish to tear it all to pieces. And finally I must add that I agree with on Michael Savage when he says “There are those among us that would destroy us and they are the enemy within.” I am sorry if I sound just a bit angry but it is time for this to happen. It seems today that if you are white, a Christian or Jewish you are fair game for those that would destroy us. We are increasingly coming in to danger in our own country and I for one am fed up with it… aren’t you?
Okay I’ve had enough of that for now, what do you say to some fun? Me too!

Ho, Ho, Ho, here we go again that crazy time of year when you have spent your next ten paychecks and the last three weeks running around fighting over the last item on the shelf just to find out that it wasn’t really what you wanted to get. You searched for days for that gift you saw on TV that you were sure would be what you needed for somebody; you never did remember who it was that you needed it for. Now it’s time to sit back relax put your feet up, put the bowl of popcorn on your lap, the remote control within reach and your cold drink on the coffee table, on the appropriate coaster of course. It’s time now for the movies; every one of those wonderful Christmas movies that we all grew up with and are on every year, somewhere anyway. I wish I could remember the names of all of those movies; Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, Santa Claus is coming to town, It’s a Wonderful Life oh yeah you know them just as well as I do except you probably remember more of them.
In July you bought that one gift that you knew you wouldn’t be able to find come November and hid it. Now that you’re sitting in your bedroom wrapping all those presents you wish you could remember where it was that you put it! Minutes turn to hours; hours turn to days yet still you can’t find it. You resign yourself to the realization that it must have grown legs and walked off. Now you could go out and see if you could find another of those ‘whatever it was in the first place’ things, but then again it was meant for someone that if your family member hadn’t married you wouldn’t have anything to with so you just forget about it and let them do with disappointment; after all isn’t that what you feel about the family member that they married? Wading through the presents you spend even more hours trying to remember who it was that you bought each present for, until finally you see the light at the end of the tunnel. No literally see the light at the end of the tunnel, wait I’m sorry that’s just the light on the night table next to your bed that you have found yourself staring into. About this time your brain is nothing but a big ball of mush and yet you sit there mindlessly wrapping presents sure that you have the right one in the right wrapper for with the correct name tags or do you. You ask yourself over and over, was that watch you got for your father in the blue box or the red box, didn’t you wrap that video game in blue, and that special gift that you got for your sibling wasn’t that supposed to have been orange so you would remember not to give it to them in front of any one. Oh crap well the only thing you can hope for now is that you put the right nametags with the right gifts. Its way too flipping’ late now any way; all you have left to do is put them out under the tree and hope that you didn’t mix anything up. Blurry eyed you stagger off to bed where you pray one more time that you got everything on your list, have all the right names on the right packages and finally if by any chance you missed something, well other than the one you never found, that you would be forgiven.
Quickly, that’s how fast you fell asleep, and how your dreams escaped you. You were even easier to wake up; too bad you forgot to turn off your alarm. Here you are at four a.m. even more blurry eyed than when you went to bed, just because it was just three hours ago doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have gotten enough sleep. Four hours and two pots of coffee later you’re standing over what will soon be the disaster zone. As the family gathers around the presents are handed out one at a time until they are all out, and there you have it the full Christmas giving feeling. Just why your stomach is still in knots is beyond you; okay maybe it does have to do with the four pots of coffee and the fact that every time you head to the bathroom someone stops you. Then again it could be that you’re just a little nervous about getting all the gifts to the right person. So, here you sit in your pajamas watching as the carefully wrapped packages are torn to bits by their intended receiver, at least you’re still hoping that they are. At dinner you will bury your head more than once as your spouse significant other or sibling does their best to embarrass you in front of everyone, including your parents. All you want to do is go back to bed or at least get to the Living room so that you can veg out and watch some football or something more than the endless drone of your spouse’s complaints about how much time was spent finding all those gifts. All you can think about is all the places you were dragged to, and you don’t find it entertaining revisiting it all.
With the day behind you and all you have to look forward to is sleep you reach for the cord of the lights on the Christmas tree and you see it, there stuck behind the back leg of the tree stand is the one present that you thought you lost. Now you have a dilemma do you call the person it’s for, do you hang onto it until the next time you see that person or do the unthinkable, well to some anyways. Oh well there’s always next year, right Mom!
Now as you prepare for this Christmas I want to give you a few things to think about and remember.
Sleep is just a rumor on Christmas
Just when you think you have the last present wrapped you’ll always find another one
It isn’t what you get, it’s how much you get, no wait; it isn’t what you get, it’s who gives it to you, no that can’t be it; umm oh yeah that’s it not what you… oh never mind I’m sure you know what it is, right?
Christmas breakfast can be eaten while unwrapping presents, what, what do you mean no, ah come on mom please!
While eating your Christmas dinner it is always a good idea to unbuckle your belt first.
That smoke you see coming from the kitchen might not be your dinner burning it could be your credit cards, please double check before you cover the main dish with CO2 from the fire extinguisher.
That noise you just heard is probably just Santa Claus, but just in case you better take the baseball bat along when you check it out.
Christmas is just for the kids! Yeah right sure it is!
So, to you my friends and family and family of friends I say to you gather with those that you love, hold them close and remind them no matter what happens, that this Holy day is all about love. Lift your beverages and give a toast to those that you love, have loved and wished where still here to love… and just one more thing remind yourself that it isn’t the presents or the money that makes this day so special in our hearts, look around you and feel it, feel all of it, feel that love that fills the room as you celebrate, feel the hugs that come to you from somewhere that you can’t see, feel the love that fills you heart. Take all of this with you and remember there are those among us that not only wish to take away the name they also wish to take away that feeling. And since this is getting to you early enough go out buy some Christmas decorations splatter them all over the outside of your house stick your proverbial finger up to those that would take this away from us … better yet there is man on radio that is asking his listeners to put out a small nativity scene or large one it doesn’t matter but behind the nativity scene he wants you put up a cross. He wants you to take a picture of it and send it to his email where he is going to take that picture and put it up on his web site. If you have a mind to do this email me and I’ll send you the information that is if I remember.

2005 December


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