Various Thoughts

Various thoughts flip through my mind
Connected disconnected each the same
All that really matters is the thought
Is life patterned after theory
Is theory patterned after life
Are they all truly the same
Waking each morning to a new day
Why can we not just awaken the same day
Relive the best day of our life over and over
Would that be a crime of time
Is there any one or thing that controls that
Ah sweet mystery of life it is come again
This thought of destiny and our role in it
The books of destiny written or not
Tis true a question of scholars
All smarter than I for sure
And yet even they do not know for sure
Or have they just not told us
Of politics I dare not write
Yet it seems that it is the interest of late
My mind might explode of those thoughts
So various of these that would spill from me
Surely my fingers would not keep up
And I am sure that my mind would explode
If by chance I could not get it out fast enough
So I think of everything else that would fit here
And come to a conclusion about my thoughts
They come and go as they please
Though many times I try to keep them straight
It matters not for all I can do is let them pass
On and through my mind one or more at a time
Good lord the things that happen in my mind
If I had an once of sense I would forget everything
If I really learned everything in Kindergarten
Then were the other twelve years necessary
School days of long mind numbing hours
Now there is another thought
Perhaps those twelve mean more than at first
Were they meant to give me something to think of
If that were true then why do I still think
To think of the learning there hurts me
Of all the world how can there be only one
A snow flake so fine there must be more alike
After all they pile so high on and on to the sky
They say there is a look alike some where for everyone
Why is this flake so special it has only one
If a tree falls in the woods
What an absurd question
No one was there how do you know if it fell
It fell it made a sound
At least when it hit the ground if nothing more
One train leaves from Chicago
What is that all about
Call the railroad unless you’re the one make their schedule
Then call the trains and ask them to tell you
What if the bridge is washed out
What if one runs out of fuel or sand
What happens to those figures then
Right out the window of course
On things I have rambled on
Until endless is my musing
Of all the thoughts that run through me
How can I end this is what I am perplexed of now
Thoughts of things yet left un thought
Thoughts of things I have not told you about
Perhaps I can return again to tell of them
Until then I am left with many, many various thoughts

08 March 2008



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