When it’s Over

At the end of my day
Will I be old or young
Will I be strong or weak
Have I married or not
Did I bring others into this place
It is too late to change it now
Have I made a mark in this place
Is it big or is it small
Did I serve the people or just myself
Did I care of my fellow being
Did I serve my country
Have I left behind loved ones
Or am I the last
It matters little as my day is done
Weep for me if you must
Mourn me for sure
But not forever
I know my fate is sealed
It is my destiny if you will
There is no way out of it
No matter how much I have raged
Oh I am sure everything was done
I am sure it was my turn after all
When it is over
My turn will have come
This too will no longer matter
Face up or face down I am done
Done and gone once and for all
And when I am gone
With everyone standing around
What will they say about me
Will it be good, bad, or indifference
Will there be good tales to tell
And laughter all around me
I know the day will end, its time to rest
And when I am in the ground
With everyone looking down
Will the sun be around
Or will the rain be pouring down
When enough words have passed over
After everyone as left the place
And the ground is covered back over
Will you still come to tell me the news
Will some one watch over my resting place
Precious moments may be over now
But you remember them don’t you
All those times of laughter and tears
Can I count on you to be there
To hold the hands that need it
It is the end of my day for sure
Yours will continue long after
Carry your memories inside and out
Share me with everyone that matters
Share me and keep me alive forever

1 February 2008


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