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Which way did it go?

For those of you that have been counting or paying attention as the case may be I have missed more than one holiday observance and at least one special project without writing. One or two of you know that I have been trying to decide the direction that this page should go in. Although I do admit that there are one or two other circumstances that have kept me away as well but I won’t go into them just now. I originally began posting every now and again as a way to share some of my writing with family and friends. That seemed to work its way into posting a few hundred words on holidays and the like. The stories I posted were presented as part truth, part sarcasm and part made up. Which was which I always left up to the reader and those that knew the story behind the story. That is if there was a story behind it.
I never meant this to be a place where I aired my differences either personal or political, I have other places for that, the political differences that is. I never wanted to be one of the multitudes that discuss the many things that may or may not be happening in their life at that particular moment. With so many of them out there begging for attention it just seemed well useless. Besides it isn’t like I have or am now overcoming some major incident in my life that would be or even could remotely be deemed as inspirational. I also realize that blog pages such as these are filled with advice on everything one can imagine. I was going to come up with an A-Z example but I am sure that any one reading this knows it better than I do. Sure I could write about things that interest me and at times inspire me, however there are even more pages filled with those items. I am beginning to wonder now if I am only writing this to complain about all the things that I could be writing about if there weren’t so many people writing about them. Nah, I would never do that or would I?
I would leave this question up to my readers, but unfortunately the readers that I do have are more of the lurking type and more than just a little shy when it comes to commenting. Therefore as I continue to work on some stories for another e-book and on the sequel to The Traveler’s Adventure’s in Valdore: The Beginning I will continue to ponder the full direction as to where From the Strange Mind of Me should go. From time to time I will also be sharing poems and excerpts of stories here for your enjoyment.


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